GIVEAWAY & Interview with chefNia

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Eggplant Parm Lasagna


In the past year I have really let my eating habits go down hill so I asked my cousin ChefNia to help me come up with a menu for the week and go grocery shopping with me. I am not going full paleo in the sense that there are just somethings I have to ease into trying and walking outside my comfort zone.

As we search recipes we stumble upon this great looking cheesy eggplant recipe, so we set off to the grocery store and I say well we need some sort of meat and voila brilliance was born.

I honestly have no idea how we made this in terms of measurements since I literally cook by feeling, my ground turkey always tastes a little different because I like trying new things. I know its not very consistent but what can I say I like the adventure of a new dish each time. Stay tuned ChefNia much better at calculations and I know she will be sharing…sooner than later I hope.



Garbanzo Salad


I am not a lettuce type of gal, I have come to terms with the fact that no matter how many times I try to have some I just won’t stop seeing it as a garnish. Hence lettuce is not food it is a garish. Continue reading