Dia de los muertos makeup

For Halloween I did not want to buy a costume. For one reason and one reason only $50 on a not so great costume really hurts my soul. I believe creativity is your best friend but even more so money is tight.

I watched video upon video and looked at different pictures for inspiration. These are the two looks I came up with.



Very simple to put together. Favorite costume so far. I had a black linen dress I purchased at Zara years ago and it finally fit again, so I knew this would be perfect. The flower earrings  I honestly do not remember where I got them possibly For love 21. For the base I used shade 200 from Mary Kay and used powder to set it. I found Black and white eyeliner at a Halloween store for $1 each. That is what I used for the eyes and mouth. The purple I used around my eyes was an eyeliner I already had, and I used sketch from MAC to settle it in. Black eyeshadow to settle the black around my eyes.

I also used fake eyelashes and extensions since my hairs short and for this look I wanted it to be extra long. As for the flowers in my hair, I already had those.

Best $2 I’ve ever spent on a costume.

I’d love to hear anyone’s opinion on these two looks.

My personal favorite is the second look.


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